Identity / Packaging

The very first organic self tan, TanOrganic got its break from an Irish entrepreneur when Noelle O’Connor secured funding on Ireland’s Dragon’s Den. 


Now an established brand and most notably available through Boots, after 10 years the brand needed a refresh. Whilst the old branding was fun and quirky, the new branding needed to be more premium and sophisticated. After all, this was a brand wooing the 35+ market and, like them, self tanning has become part of the skin care routine where what you put onto your skin has as much quality as the beautiful results it achieves. 


TanOrganic needed to retain its organic message; it needed to reflect its natural ingredients and its efficacy and be seen as a brand that delivered on a beautiful looking tan as well as but looked after your skin. TanOrganic needed a touch of glamour yet with all the credentials of an ethical product. 


The brand launched its new branding and packaging in July 2021. 

Full Range-Current View.jpg
Mudo-Current View.jpg