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Updated: May 15, 2018

Shelf Stand Out

When redesigning FMCG packs, sometimes it’s easy to overlook the most fundamental issue - shelf stand out. As designers, seeing the creative work develop on our sketch pads and screens, we are unapologetic about the time we spend crafting design details.

However, our audience are busy shoppers who never see a pack design the way we see it as designers. Busy consumers are confronted by a wide choice and the time it takes for them to see a pack on the shelf and touch it is seconds. It’s in these seconds that the decision to buy is made. Or not. And that's why shelf stand out is so important.

In the retail environment, this vital piece of design magic to achieve shelf stand out either works or fails in seconds. Such a contrast to the hours we spend designing and crafting the packs.

No going back!

In a web environment it’s easy to test a web page, making subtle changes and seeing how consumers respond. (It’s called A/B testing.) Digital media is endlessly fluid and editable.

In stark contrast, printed packs exist in an analogue environment and are difficult and expensive to change.

As designers, we know that we don’t have any easy opportunity to change and experiment once the packs have gone to print. That’s why it’s crucial that the necessary time is spent exploring the design and its detailing.

Brecon Carreg Water

One great example of shelf stand out comes from one of our favourite clients - Brecon Carreg mineral water. Branding water is always a challenge. It’s a commodity that relies heavily on the emotional pull from the brand. The product shapes and sizes are mostly the same and the print process available to us all are challenging.

It's in the detail! Brecon Carreg - branding break down

We wanted to create an immediate brand story to support the name - something visual which helps shoppers identify with the fresh and invigorating outdoors of the Beacons - a lifestyle to fall in love with.

We purposely kept the name centre stage and developed a type style that straddled both modernity and heritage. Firmly rooted in the Celtic past, there's still a nod to today's confident busy lifestyle.

We wrapped the brand name with a simple graphic flourish hinting at the purity of the wild streams that flow in the Brecon Beacons. To this we added the unique and recognisable shapes and textures of the Beacons to frame the branding, topped off with Brecon’s own distinctive cottage nestling at the foot of the mountains.

Brecon Carreg: branding breakdown
Brecon Carreg: branding breakdown

Buxton and Evian water brands
Buxton and Evian water brands

The design approach for Brecon contrasts with the more abstract and loose impressionist styles adopted by the bigger brands of Buxton and Evian.

The full Brecon Carreg brand personality is revealed in an instant. A fine balance between graphic impact and illustrative details.

And new packs achieve their shelf stand out. That little piece of magic which boosts sales and minimises the chance to be overlooked by busy shoppers.

New branding for Brecon Carreg
New branding for Brecon Carreg

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