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Rays of Vitamin D.

Public health advice tells us everyone should consider taking vitamin D supplements. And not just in the autumn and winter.

Vitamin D deficiency can lead to bone and muscle aches as well as more serious conditions. That can explain why some of us feel a little creaky in the morning or after some exercise.

Taking the right amount of vitamin D keeps you healthy and is thought to stave off cold and flu symptoms. So, it won’t be a big surprise if pharmacies see a surge in demand for vitamin D supplements this winter.

But if you’re like me, and many like me, taking tablets as a means to keep fit and healthy feels wrong. If you’re on medication for a certain condition then that’s fine. But when you just want to make sure you’re getting the right levels of vitamins and minerals and are perfectly healthy, you want to look for more natural ways to keep your vitamins at the right level.

So, it made sense when Marigold Health Foods (makers of their famous bouillon) asked us to work with them to introduce a range of new instant soups that give you your daily dose of Vitamin D. 

No tablets or pills, just a tasty soup fortified with vitamin D. We called the range Sunshine Soups – as it really is your daily burst of sunshine to keep you nicely topped up.  

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