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Purple Reign

Updated: Feb 9, 2018

So Pantone have announced the colour of the year for 2018.

It’s a vivid purple - or Ultra Violet - depending on which PR you read.  

A strikingly rich colour which according to Pantone this year’s colour is 

Inventive and imaginative, Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come.

Having a specific colour for a year is an interesting idea and the version run by Pantone has been around since 2000.

Pantone is the ultimate technical ‘colour brand’. Their prominence in cataloguing, numbering, and identifying colour stretches back to the 1950’s. 

It’s surprising what a persuasive influence Pantone has.

I’ve been aware of colour trends for many years and have noticed how they wash through fashion, branding and interiors design over seasons and years.   

I feel a more singular ‘Colour of the year’ is a recent phenomenon and maybe affects our desire for ‘on the go’ change.

Gimmick or trend? It’s hard to tell. Perhaps there is some comfort in having at least one thing decided for us each January.

Last year’s Pantone colour of the year was ‘greenery’. One of our clients asked us to incorporate then colour into their new brand identity. 

As it happened it worked well for a new healthy food brand. 

It’s just fortunate we weren’t asked to launch the brand in 2018!

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