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Plastic Problems

Updated: Feb 7, 2018

One of the best aspects of my job is coming across projects which offer both the surprising and unexpected. Branding snack bars made from crickets, (Grub) developing identities for organisations making the communication spectrum work for us all (Ofcom), or recreating a heritage brand icon from my childhood (Homepride Fred).

Of course every project is different - but it’s not often I come across the ‘problem’ and the ‘solution ‘ at the same time, but from two different clients and two very different projects.

The problem - Plastic pollution in our oceans We’ve been working on a pioneering project by a private aviator and environmentalist  - Jeremy  Rowsell. An interesting man who put his life on the line to prove the science - that end of life plastic could be recycled into reliable aviation fuel.

His project “One wings of waste’ highlights the scale of plastic pollution in our oceans. 

In less than 50 years we’ve polluted every gallon of our oceans. 90% of our ocean sea birds now have injested plastic. And we still don’t know the ‘half life’ of single use plastic once it enters the oceans. (I read it’s over 100 years!)

Jeremy’s pioneering flight from Sydney to Melbourne proved the viability of flying on fuel made from recycled end of life plastic.

His pioneering flight took place last year from Melbourne to Sydney.

Our design team developed the graphic identity, web site and social media to support ‘On wings of Waste’

The solution - Plactic Energy. Chemical recycling end of life plastic Recently we have been working with Plastic Energy - an Anglo-Spanish company who have developed the technology to chemically recycle end of life plastic.

They are the only company in the world with commercially operational plants recycling plastic waste.

The company’s new web site - which we designed and develop went live last month. We’re currently working on the branding for Plastic Energy’s commercial petrochemical products.

While working on these projects we also met environmentalist Jo Ruxton who has recently launched her fascinating movie ‘A Plastic Ocean’.

Highly recommended viewing for anyone wanting to understand the scale of the threat we all face from plastic pollution.

Useful links:

Listen to Sir Richard Attenborough talk about “Wings of Waste”

Trailer for ‘A Plactic Ocean’

‘A Plastic Ocean’ available via Netflicks Peter Walker, Director, wonderlandWPA

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