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Foodservice branding no longer an after thought

Updated: Feb 7, 2018

Kerry Group’s acquisition of the Island Oasis foodservice brand in 2015, and the US’ leader in premium cocktail mixes, is a sure sign of the growing trend for convenient speciality beverages in the foodservice sector.

Now that we have just re-designed the packs for Island Oasis’s range of smoothie, cocktail and ice cream mixes, it is also clear that they are not a typical piece of functional foodservice packaging. And it seems that this is a growing trend in foodservice branding and packaging. Because foodservice professionals need to feel that the products they are buying are of a certain quality. Why should products from entry point to top end risk the suggestion of being of poor quality by appearing in badly designed packs? 

Island Oasis wanted a confident looking brand and a range of packs that sell the drinks (see above). 

It is absurd to think that good and effective packaging design is not required for foodservice products and is only the domain of consumer brand packaging. Yet there are many brands out there that seem to think that good brand packaging design is irrelevant. Of course it’s relevant – bad packaging suggests a lack of pride and care in the products, or, worse, a poor quality product with poor service a likely consequence.

Of course, not every product is top end nor made from the finest ingredients. And cost is also a factor with the number of colours that can be used. But food service has moved on, it’s a crucial channel to market and there is no excuse for packaging that is clearly an after-thought or hasn’t been updated for a couple of decades.

Just as consumer brands have a brand idea, Island Oasis’ idea is to capture that on the beach moment through its delicious range of smoothie, ice cream and cocktail mixes. And the new packaging does just that.  

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