As the UK’s largest organic retailer, Planet Organic’s online sales were becoming more important, hastened by the pandemic.


Packaging now needs to work as effectively online as it does in the physical retail environment. All the more challenging when over 60% of people shop on a mobile phone.


Consequently, a number of lines were ‘optimised’ for online presentation. This involves developing a pack shorthand - presenting the product pack to best effect using graphics and messaging in the simplest way. Pack size (eg small v larger packs), flavours (eg salted caramel v turmeric) , product formats (eg crunchy v smooth), product characteristics (pralines v truffles) and product features (eg vegan and gluten free) all need to be considered and then presented in a clear and easy to navigate pack communication. All executed in a manner that maintains brand recognition and stand out.


Initially, over 60 products have been converted with plans for the roll of more skus. 

Optimised Explanation

Optimised vs Non Optimised

Optimised Website

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