Identity / Packaging

The pyramids packaging brief gave us two key objectives. Firstly, to design a range of five teas that uses compostable tea bags – cup to compost in a month. And then to consider how the Hampstead Tea logotype could be evolved to give it more individuality.


The packs use a free flow leaf design that can highlight and hold the cup to compost message as well as the product descriptions. Little hidden icons can be found in each illustration that gives a sense of each product’s attributes or benefits. Colour also helps to give each of the flavours its own look and ensure clear differentiation between the five teas. 


The identity is a little more rounded with flourishes on certain letters to give the brand a little more personality and ownership. The new identity will be rolled out across other ranges in time. 


The range is set to be launched January 2019 and will be a leader in creating environmentally friendly tea bags and its associated packaging.